Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sleep Study

Your mom is with you at the hospital tonight. We took you in for a sleep study. It was suggested by the ENT that we check and see if you have sleep apnea. It's a simple test, I took it a few years prior because we thought I might of had it. The test came back negative and its just chronic snoring. Mom sent a picture with you connected in all the sensors and your head wrapped up in all sorts of cloth!

All I can hope is you get some sleep tonight! It makes me sad to see you all wrapped up and in a hospital bed, but its only a sleep study instead of something more tragic!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year you dressed up for halloween as a kitty cat. Well more like a leopard mixed with a black cat. Your mom made the tail out of feather bow and a coat hanger. It was ingeniously done! After your cousins and aunt and uncle came over, we all started getting ready.

There was a period of a melt down on your part. This could have been from the fact that you didn't nap at all during the day. We managed to finally calm you down by showing you everyone in their costumes outside. After you settled we were able to finish getting you ready. You ran outside for a while with the rest of the kids in the common area.

We went to all the houses in our neighborhood that had lights on. You walked up to each house and politely said trick or treat! You held open your bag and people placed candy inside. I was amazed at how polite and nice you were. You also seemed to be enjoying having people put candy in your bag. I suspect that you still didn't quite grasp what was going on, especially because you have only had one piece of candy since we got back.

I'll probably end up taking it all into work! I'm not gonna eat it all!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend with Nana

Mommy and Daddy went camping this weekend and we left you with Poppop and Nana. From what Nana as saying, you were having a blast. They took you to Homestead Gardens for their fall festival. You rode on a pony and had your face painted. Our camping trip was fun, minus a few hiccups, such as the train tracks about 150 yards away...with trains every couple of hours at all hours.

You're still having a blast at school and listening and working with the teachers. At home you are doing amazing this with drawing on your white board and chalk board. Always doing something creative with your markers and pencils :)

You are becoming a bit more headstrong, as your mom put it "wanting things on your own terms". This is difficult for me to adjust you because you're about far as I'm concerned, you've got quite a few years to earn your own leverage! :) It's all going to work out lovely though I'm sure. We also made cookies today which you enjoyed watching, and eating the M&M's when you had a chance.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday we went to see Pops in the Park at Quiet Waters Park. This was our first time. We found what we thought was a quiet spot in the shade on the hill. As the sun set it slowly started baking us. It didn't seem to bother you one bit. You were running around and dancing and singing, oh and clapping when they would finish songs! It was a great evening and you appeared to love it.

Today we went to the National Zoo with your Aunt Quinn. You had an amazing time. We saw snakes, gorillas, elephants, lions, tigers, panda bears, and sea lions, just to name a few. You were a trooper the entire trip. You were tired and hot but you wanted to see everything. We ate lunch and you were well behaved, eating a ton of fries and chicken tenders (such a healthy meal huh!)

Mom took you to get a stuffed animal and you tried them all on! You eventually settled for a white arctic fox, which surprised us, we were leaning towards a cat of some sort. As we made our way back to the car we could tell you were tuckered out. Finally when we got on the road you were out in minutes. You and mommy spent the rest of the early evening watching Frozen as I prepared dinner. It was a great weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Watching you grow up

It's so strange to notice the subtle changes you go through as you grow up. It's been only a month since my last post and you seem to have grown so much. Your expressions and mannerisms are become more defined and, well, you.

It's been a quiet month except for your new school. We've moved you from the facility near my work to one closer to home. It's the same service but different location. This way your mother can drop you off in the mornings and I can pick you up.

I took you to the library last week to get some books, you weren't too interested in the books, more in the wooden train set. We picked up some classics and some newer books.

This next week you start to transition from your current room to the 2 to 3 room. This is actually for the better because your previous room you were essentially already in this group.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2nd Birthday

Your second birthday was a blast! We had all family, we were trying to keep it a little more low key than your first birthday which was insane. We had lots of family here, you had a blast opening your presents and running around like a crazy person. I don't think you really stopped until we had to carry you upstairs for bed kicking and half attempting to cry.

I made a chocolate cake, the same kind that you had for your first birthday trial smash cake. You ate most of the piece I gave you along with some ice cream. We think your molars were coming in around the same time because you weren't eating much of anything really. That night though you were cry/fuss/cry/fuss all night long. We finally gave in and got you some motrin around 5am and I think you passed out.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The beach! New School

July was a busy month for you and we're not even half way through! We went up to your Great Grammie's for the 4th which you absolutely loved! It was a pretty long ride up and back, we could tell on the way back you were done with this whole car and travel thing. Your butt'll get used to it :)

After getting back from Grammie's we packed up and headed for North Carolina. We stayed at your Aunt Shana and Uncle Bobo's place in Elizabeth City. We managed to make it to the beach one day and the pool another which wasn't too bad considering the drives and the rain we had to deal with.

Near the end of the trip you had an allergic reaction to something, we're not sure yet if it was cashews, bug spray, or the culmination of sunscreen, ocean water, and other bits of insanity going on that day. Regardless you woke the next morning and were red in the face, back, neck, and legs. It didn't seem to bother you much, you were your normal chipper self.

The end of the trip you were starting to wear a bit, I think you're like me in some respects that if you don't get your normal peace and quiet then you get a bit grouchy ;)